About Yascapi

My name is Michelle Walker. I work in the arts; specifically in the outdoor arts and theatre sectors. Since January 2015 I have been Artistic Director of Hat Fair – the UK’s longest running festival of outdoor arts, which takes place in Winchester over 3 days in early July. Previously I have worked for the likes of Oxford PlayhouseShared Experience, Bristol Old Vic, Foursight Theatre and UK Arts International. I was the 2009/10 West Midlands’ Fellow on the Clore Leadership Programme and have also made work independently under the company name Parton and Plath (Twitter: @PartonPlath).

Yascapi is a small village in a remote part of the Bolivian Andes that has a very special place in my heart as it’s where I sponsor a boy through the charity Plan International: I was lucky enough to visit the village in 2008 and to meet the community there. It’s now become my internet name for lots of things online, as I never seem to be able to get my actual name as a username (so on Twitter, for instance, I’m @michelleyascapi).

Yascapi, Bolivia

Approaching the village of Yascapi, Bolivia

My idea for this blog is to use it as an intermittent platform for thinking through ideas, testing theories, and expressing hopes and frustrations on my professional development journey. I say intermittent rather than regular as I only post when I really think I have something to say and when I really think the blog is the best place to say it. It won’t become a regular blog but it will be where I think out loud when I’m really pondering on something, so it might be quite meaty or dense in parts, for which I apologise in advance. It’s a selfish approach to blogging really – I’m using it as a reflective tool, but I hope along the way some of the thoughts are of interest / use / provocation to others, and would of course be delighted to hear anyone’s thoughts by way of reply.

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  1. Ariel Quispe Says:

    muy buen tu comentario!!

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